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11 January 2016
I am just realizing how fortunate I am to have lived the entire span of David Bowie's musical and everything else creative career. What an extraordinarily inspiring person he was, with insight that lead me to believe that he'd been 'dropped in from another planet'! He was lovely and kind and gracious. My heart goes out to his family, friends and collaborators. It's a sad but beautiful day. We can keep on absorbing his inspiration and brilliance. RIP DB..

Mammoth shoot pic 1
(Click the image to see enlargement)

Click here to see David's video for "Lazarus", his beautiful parting gift to the world.

3 September 2015
2 Videos for the Brass Band project are underway! Here are some stills from the "Mammoth" Video shoot. Shot on the roof of one of the highest places in Manhattan on a gorgeous day by video maker and friend Anana Kaye.

Mammoth shoot pic 1

Mammoth shoot pic 2

Mammoth shoot pic 3

Mammoth shoot pic 4

Mammoth shoot pic 5

21 July 2015

The new VickiKristinaBarcelona! video of the Tom Waits song CHICAGO is launched! Click here to view.

3 July 2015

VickiKristinaBarcelona! the band Joy is in with Amanda Homi and Terry Radigan, have just finished shooting 2 videos. Here is a photo from the shoot. (Click on image for enlargement)

Take a look at tour dates to see when VKB are performing in your area!



VKB Photoshoot

27 October 2014
Musician/singer/bassist Jack Bruce died this week. I had the honor of playing a few shows with him in 1988. A truly great experience - he brought massive innovation and originality to music. There was truly no-one like him and his voice lives on. I was in the Cream fan club at age 14!!
Here is my version of "I Feel Free"

8 September 2014
Joy will be playing THISSFEST next Summer, see links below for details!

August 7, 2014


Great news for Joy Askew's CD "DRUNK ON YOU"!

"Drunk On You" now has broader worldwide distribution through Larry Fast's label "Third Contact" and eOne distribution. The CD can be found on over 200 digital outlets, with a new E booklet available and also as an actual physical CD at retailers in the US and Canada.

Here's a great new pic of Joy taken by Steph Woman.
(Click on image for enlargement)


Sirens of Brooklyn

Summer 2014

In June I was happy to play a concert at a local chateau in France owned by British artist Michael Jackson and his wife Ali. Mark Beumer joined me on percussion and vocals as I played a set on the beautiful Bechstein piano.
Sirens of Brooklyn   Sirens of Brooklyn
Sirens of Brooklyn  

Here's a pic of the chateau, Michael with his art, and the piano along with percussion 'instruments' used (as you can see, some of them were improvised, but still very effective and musical!). (Click on image for enlargement)

Click here to read a piece on Joy's friend Sue's blog about the Chateau performance (and more).

29 May 2014

On May 29th I played an incredibly enjoyable concert with my NY Brass Band at BRIC Arts Media on "B-Sides" - an HD TV show that goes out live! The Brass Band is: Dan Urness, Steve Bernstein Tpts, Rob Jost, French Horn, JC Sanford, Trombone and Marcus Rojas, Tuba.
Here's a link to one song ('Queen Victoria') from that concert. 

4 March 2014

Here are some great photos of Joy by Jens Fricke from her German Tour in February 2014. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo.
Sirens of Brooklyn   Sirens of Brooklyn
Sirens of Brooklyn   Sirens of Brooklyn

9 January 2014

Here are the details of my first ever concert tour of Germany!
I am happy to say that I will be touring with my Brooklyn pal and co-writer Misty Boyce - she will play keys, guitar and sing backup for me. We are picking up a rhythm section there, so it will be a full band. I expect to be performing quite a bit with my looping pedals as well.The sets will be full length - 90 minutes- So looking forward to stretching out and singing some songs that I haven't sung for quite a while along with new ones.

Check the upcoming shows section for dates... comprehensive details to follow.

22 November 2013

Sirens of Brooklyn

Had a wonderful time hearing and hanging with the one and only Bonnie Raitt on November 20th. Her voice is sublime as is the groove of the band. It was a very intimate concert in Westbury LI.
Thanks to Ricky Fataar for the ticket!

Click here to see a larger photo.

22 November 2013

Sirens of Brooklyn

I am pleased to announce The Sirens of Brooklyn concert this Xmas! I conduct and sing in this very fun choir!

On Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 7:30PM, the Sirens of Brooklyn Choir will be singing Christmas Carols and other Holiday songs at the historic Plymouth Church on Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights. The choir has grown substantially this year and will include over 20 New York based indie songstresses.

Tickets are $12 advance / $15 door. You can purchase tickets in advance here.

All proceeds from this concert will go to support the Sirens of Brooklyn Girls Music Education Fund.

23 August 2013

tender_city_coverHuffington Post praises 'Little Darling' from Joy's 'Tender City' album...

"Little Darling" by Joy Askew - If you like Rickie Lee Jones (whose "Live at Red Rocks" is one of the greatest live recordings of all time) then you will be blown away by this song. The piano and bass are so soft and precious. Joy's ethereal voice will move anyone with a beating heart. This song is magic."

Click here for full story.

Two notable upcoming shows:
On 29 August 2013, Joy will play a short set as guest of 'Never The Bride', named one of the 'best live bands in the UK' by BBC2, at Half Moon in Putney. Click here for flyer.

On 3 October 2013, Joy and Forge The Bell will be performing alongside a number of great bands at Rockwood Music Hall in "Bands for Bears" presented by Animals Asia. See upcoming dates section for details or click here to view the event website or click here for the Press Release. Funds raised will benefit Animals Asia's End Bear Bile Farming program.

16 July 2013

Coming up: A surprise show with my band Forge the Bell on August 6th here in NYC - we are all gone at various times for the summer but managed to converge for this one date!

I'm looking forward to playing in London again- and at the Half Moon in Putney- quite a famous and long established small venue. I have never played there before but know the pub well as back in the early 70's while rehearsing with Ralph McTell for his "Streets of London" tour, we frequented the Half Moon pub after work was done- EVERY night, often with guitar great Bert Jansch in tow!
I'll feel at home.....

6 June 2013

The Forge The Bell CD is now availble to sample and buy – through Bandcamp – here on our site (see the link to the right).

6 June 2013

Great News! The brand new Forge the Bell CD "Stations On A Map" will be sold amongst the merchandise on the upcoming David Byrne/Saint Vincent Summer Tour!

Forge The Bell

Forge The Bell

This is a wonderful opportunity for Forge the Bell to be heard and at the moment, CD's are available exclusively on this tour. We have been working away to finish our first CD in time! (Click on cover to see larger)

Please click here for tour dates where you can see FTB's very own Daniel Mintseris playing keys and sound design. The tour covers the US, UK & Europe.

"Stations On A Map" has 6 brand new tracks recorded by FTB and beautiful cover art by Chris Kornmann and photography by Stan Schnier. It will be available on Bandcamp and iTunes soon - standby for news of that!

14 March 2013

Here is a previously unseen photo from the "Joni's Jazz" concert Central Park Summerstage 1999. What a thrill to share the stage with Joni Mitchell and so many other wonderful artists ( including Chaka Khan, Vernon Reid, Jane Siberry & Duncan Shiek!). I performed 2 Joni songs - "Coyote" with the amazing band and "Down To You" as a duet with Joe Jackson. I also got to sing backup for Chaka Khan and Joni.
(click on the image for an enlargement).

Sharp Note singers

23 February 2013

This week I was in a group of singers who got together and tried SHAPE NOTE singing! An American method of learning a melody from the early 1800's, the method has been described thus: "A skilled singer experienced in a shape note tradition has developed a fluent triple mental association, which links a note of the scale, a shape, and a syllable." Hmmm.......but if you can already sight read music it is most baffling and confusing! But we had great fun, it was a challenge and the words are all about religiosity and celebrating death in faith!
(click on the image for an enlargement).

Sharp Note singers

Additionally, check out the Upcoming Shows section for two new Forge The Bell shows.

15 February 2013

Here are a couple of pics of Joy at a recent Forge the Bell show in Brooklyn (click on the image for an enlargement).

Joy and Forge The Bell at the Waystation Joy and Forge The Bell at the Waystation

18 January 2013

There is a great article about Laurie Anderson's movie performance piece "Home Of The Brave" which you can read here. In the article there is a link to a great quality clip from the movie - Joy gets mentioned in the article and seen on keyboards in the movie... check out that awesome 80's hair!

7 January 2013

joy and her band Click on the image on the left to view the poster for the "Forge The Bell" performance at Shapeshifter Lab on 15 January 2013.

20 December 2012
The Sirens of Brooklyn just recorded 3 songs for the Xmas season.
One of us, Dawn Landes has the wonderful studio Saltlands in Dumbo and so we were able to get a lovely sound.
Here's a small selection: A Roches song, a Bulgarian chant and an old favorite!
To listen please go to:

19 December 2012

joy and her band Here's a great new photo of Joy taken by Manish Gosalia

(click on the image to view it larger)


7 December 2012
Just released: 'Home On The Range' - a benefit CD with tracks from Bright Eyes,Yoko Ono, Nellie Mckay, Chrissie Hynde, Nicky Garrat of UK Subs, Justin Sane of Anti-Flag Joy Askew and more! Click here to visit the project's facebook page.

27 November 2012
December is upon us and I'm happy to say that I will be performing 3 separate events this month!

1. The Sirens of Brooklyn (Indie girls choir that I conduct & sing in!)
The 7 Train Sessions, 11th Installment
Wednesday, December 5th, 8pm-11pm (performance halfway thru)
Will take place at the home of James Rickman & Natalie Kuhn
2272 23rd Street, Long Island City (take the 7 train!)

2. East African Girls' Leadership Initiative Fundraiser
On Thursday, December 6th, 2012, Mia MacDonald of Brighter Green and Pamela Kraft of Tribal Link will provide an update on the initiative. Singer-songwriter Joy Askew will perform. Grace Silau, mentor for many of the girls, will speak on the project's importance.

Maasai beadwork and art will be available for sale.
Light refreshments will be served.
Contact: Please RSVP to:
Click here for full concert details

3. Live at Rockwood Musichall (Solo with guests)
Tuesday December 18th @ 7.30pm
196 Allen St NYC
Visit for details

I hope to see you there and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Blood In My Eyes Concert

joy at dylan concert in london

Above: Joy with Jamie Lawson & Judie & Bailey Tzuke

The concert of Bob Dylan songs on November 8th at Testbed1 in London was a great success and raised over 10,000 pounds for Columbian children's charity FOCSA. We had many different artists performing 1 Bob Dylan song each and everyone did a great and diverse job!

I also got to sing with Tony O'Malley from the legendary band Kokomo. This definitely was a great moment for me - I was a huge fan when the band was big in the 70's. FINALLY!.... here's a pic of Tony performing "Forever Young" with me on harmonies- it just felt great!

6 November 2012

london thamesWhile America votes I'm out and about in London (having got my vote in early!) and we are gearing up for the concert of Dylan songs on Nov 8th "Blood In My Eyes" that I've been helping organize. We have 14 artists playing and it is a very varied roster! I am performing "The Times They Are A Changin'" on my looping pedal and I can't wait to hear all the other songs.

I brought some good sunny weather with me to London (leaving the storm behind) - here's a pic taken from the South-bank. What a week for NY and the East Coast! I feel strange that I missed it all....a benefit for the Hurricane victims and damage is in the works.

23 October 2012

I was honored to be part of Cynthia King's "Framed" Dance performance on October 6th. I co-composed and recorded a musical piece for the dance "Ghosts" and performed in realtime with the dancers and track. The Dance and music depicts animal ghosts rising from their graves and letting their spirits move freely in longing and love of the life they lost! Here's a pic!

I will be heard on Taintradio!
Brian Cullman hosts his show on October 26th and one of my tracks will be keeping company with some great music! Check out Taintradio here:

My London trip is coming up soon. We have many lovely artists booked for the Bob Dylan concert of the photo exhibition "Blood In My Eyes".
I'll be re-connecting with many old friends and colleagues from London days and more and many a Dylan song will be sung! Please see flier here.

8 October 2012

I'm thrilled to release this new and wonderful video of my song "You Have To Think"!

It was shot by Nadia Ackerman in the wilds of the Catskill mountains and upstate NY with the help of my friends Peter Calandra and Nadine Thomas. I needed a different persona to be both the giver and receiver of the message in the song, so I chose a FOX in a DRESS! With that adorable look and Nadia's expert eye I think the song truly comes to life.

We had a great trip out into nature as well, with gorgeous views and locations, incredible hospitality from Pete, Nadine and Sparky the dog, lots of vegan food and fun helping Pete make the signpost (which has Runes written on it).

28 September 2012

Rehearsing with my band is such a JOY! Almost a luxury some would say...and we certainly make the most of our time together.

Back in the 80's & 90's when I played with artists embarking on huge world tours ( or even parts of) rehearsals would often be 12 hours a day for many weeks! I think those days are over....but certainly for the Indie artist that I am!! It is a few hours of hitting it hard and organisation over e mail with tracks and ideas on iPhones (which we didn't used to have).

Steve on GuitarHere's a pic of guitarist Steve Elliott creating in our rehearsal room. Robert Di Pietro and Richard Hammond are the rhythm section - we realised we are surprisingly International: Steve is Canadian, Richard is a Kiwi, Robert is from Long Island and I am a Brit!
We are videoing the show on Sunday Sept. 30th as finally I get to be more front of stage (at Rockwood 2) than stuck in a corner behind the piano with only my head sometimes visible! (Rockwood1).

Cynthia King FlierOther exciting news is that on October 6th some music I co-composed will be part of a special dance performance in NYC by Cynthia King Dance.It is an honor. In rehearsal last week, someone hearing and watching for the first time as this piece unfolded was moved to tears! Powerful stuff from Cynthia! - she has tireless dedication and compassion in her work.
Please click here to see the flier.

And some more exciting updates:

• I'm off to London & France!

• I have been organising a concert in London on Nov 8th of Bob Dylan songs with 15 different artists! This will be part of an event at the close of an exhibition of rare Bob Dylan photographs at Testbed1 - a super gallery! More on this soon.

• And Finally- I have just booked a solo show in Toulouse France! Nov 15th. details to follow

13 May 2012

joy and her band Joy singing with Nadia Ackerman on a track by their friend Janean Lesyk

10 May 2012
Thanks to all who came out to my last show at Rockwood Musichall. A somewhat historic gig for me as Graham Maby played bass and I think its been over 20 years since we played together. Joe Jackson showed up to cheer his former bandmates on! With Robert DiPietro on Drums and Larry Saltzman on guitar making up the band we were joined by Misty Boyce and Liz Tormes for some harmonies. Fun Gig!

joy and her band joy and joe jackson

A fabulous review of The Beatles Complete On Ukulele- A project by David Barratt that I'm happy to be a part of- and I get a favorable mention and pic here! There's a few surprise guest appearances as well - read here to find out more!

ALSO- I will be volunteering at this event Sat May 12th in NYC for Animals Asia. Jill Robinson who runs the organisation that rescues moon bears in China is one of the most inspiring people on the planet! The event is at Moo Shoes - a cruelty free fantastically hip shoe store - no slouch either!

29 April 2012
On Saturday morning at 10.30 AM I appeared on Jerry Treacy's WFDU-FM "Crash on the Levee", a free-form roots music radio program heard in the NYC area on 89.1 FM, 9A-12 EST, and on-line at:
Singing with me were Misty Boyce and Liz Tormes (the Do Or Die Twins) - fierce Ladies of song themselves! We are excited to be singing a Band/Emmy Lou Harris cover!

Next week it is into rehearsal with my band for my next show on May 2nd at Rockwood Musichall. I am so thrilled to be reuniting on the same stage with bassist Graham Maby (Joe Jackson Band) ...we spent many a night on stage together way back when.

Thanks to Kay Cordtz for a lovely review in the May/June issue of Elmore magazine .... "you notice beautiful and clever touches of instrumentation and turns of phrase..." you can read the whole thing in the press section.

Special shout out to my friend Nadia Ackerman who's gallery show went up last night in NYC at The Cell Theater - you can still go see her wonderful artwork by making an appointment: (646) 861-2253

Also check out this fab pic by Liz Tormes shot at our fave Bedford Stuyvesant wall and which is also heavily featured in my new long awaited video of "Drunk On You" (which you can see in the video section below!)


7 April 2012
On Friday April 13th I will be joining Liz Tormes on her show at the American Folk Art Museum 2 Lincoln Square, New York, NY 10023 (at Lincoln center)
6pm. It has been inspiring singing with Liz lately and we have a new (as yet unnamed) project in the works that will be debuting on April 16th At the New York Academy of Art's Tribeca Ball. More about this special project to come, but before that show I will be joining Misty Boyce on her show at Rockwood Musichall on April 15th to play a song we penned together.

On Monday April 23rd I will be singing at the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages fundraiser here in NYC. please see the flier below. Liz Tormes will be helping me out with the harmonies. This is usually a fun event with exquisite food and this year they have some distinguished speakers and several performers. Please go to their site to find out about this organization and all they are doing (and click here to download the flier).

Wrapping up April will be a radio appearance on WFDU Jerry Treacy's Saturday morning show April 28th at 11am. I will be playing 4 songs live with the help of both Liz and Misty on harmonies and percussion. You can tune in online.

Finally... on May 2nd I will be playing at Rockwood Musichall with my full band. We will play some songs from my last CD "Drunk On You" and some new ones. I am excited to have bassist Graham Maby playing with me in my band for the first time! We played oodles of shows together in the past as he is the famous bass player from the Joe Jackson band and plays on all of his classic hits. It will be a doubly great reunion on May 2nd as guitarist Larry Saltzman joins us also for the show. He played in my band in the late 80's!

20 February 2012
On Monday February 27th I will be performing at "Under The Covers", a new series at The Living Room, NY, hosted by Nancy Magaril and Carol Lipnik. The idea is a good one - local artists play songs of other local artists! Who to choose? I'm spinning with so many options....

10 February 2012
Links to the Irene Trudel show online archive...

My session from Irene Trudel's show is live now on WFMU's social music website, the Free Music Archive! Here are the links to my artist profile as well as the session page.

9 February 2012
Live at Rockwood - the CD release show...

jy askew at rockwood music hallThe show at Rockwood Musichall stage 1 on Wednesday night was a blast! There were some old friends in the audience including Willie Nile, James Maddock and Nenad Bach. Misty Boyce and Liz Tormes (A.K.A The Do Or Die Twins) joined me on my new song "Mammoth" and the sound, as usual, was stellar!

6 February 2012
Live in studio appearance on Irene Trudel's WFMU show...

Here's the link to the show on 6 February.... I dug up some old stories that ran from playing a gig with the Stones to sitting next to Jeff Buckley at Sine and lots of other things in between! I love my band: Robert Di Pietro, Rob Jost & Steve Elliott, now known as "The Unison Brothers."

Hear myself and the fabulous Unison Brothers play a new song "Monique's Window" from the show here.

6 February 2012
Blurt (online) give "Drunk On You" a great review...

Click here for their review

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The British Brass Band Project.

Last year a vivid memory popped into my head:- I was standing by my garden wall in Newcastle, North of England, barely a teenager, I heard the sound of a brass band coming towards me from a distance. Evocative and mournful, the sound was full of richness and dark tones that were enhanced further by the damp Northumbrian air. The sound swelled as they approached - still a few streets away, then gradually faded. I never saw the band.

So I have decided to record my new album with a brass band, recapturing the feeling that mesmerized me years ago!

On june 16th I went to the small town of Brighouse in Yorkshire, England and recorded my song "Queen Victoria" with The Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band. The project is underway!

Brass Band Recording session

Click on a pic to see enlargement



brass band recording session

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Huffington Post
"The piano and bass are so soft and precious. Joy's ethereal voice will move anyone with a beating heart. This song is magic." ("Little Darling" from Tender City) Click here for full story.

"Joy Askew's latest, Drunk On You, is a near-perfect reflection of an artist who has talent to spare..." (click here for pdf)

Music Connection
"Deftly produced by the artist herself, these songs sound warm, deep and roomy..." (click here for pdf)

Elmore Magazine
" notice beautiful and clever touches of instrumentation and turns of phrase..." (click here for pdf)

Music and More(scrolll down on the page to #14):
"Drunk on You is her sixth album and it's a beautiful piece of work, every song is finely crafted and memorable.…"

T (In Tune) 26 March 2012:
"Askew has a voice perfectly suited for melodic indie rock and uses it to full effect on this 10 track release. The pitch perfect title track opens the set…"

No Depression:
Joy Askew on 'Drunk On You' and more... a fab interview.

" ought to come as no surprise that Joy Askew is as assured as she seems on Drunk on You..."

Support Women Artists Sunday: Joy Askew
Joy is featured on the website
Joy Askew returns to songwriting focus on latest album...

TimeOut New York:
The versatile, accomplished singer songwriter widely recognised for her work alongside Joe Jackson, Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel, Joy Askew celebrates the release of a handsome, revealing new album "Drunk On You".

Daily Freeman (Sound Advice)
(Hudson Valley Newspaper):
Joy Askew is a musician; she’s also an artist. For the former, she’s played keyboards and sang harmony with some of the biggest stars in music… (click here to read more)

Now I've Heard Everything (Blog):
Joy Askew has a brand new album out titled Drunk on You.  The record sounds absolutely gorgeous and last week it refused to let me play anything else.... (click here for more...)

AMNY (Daily newspaper in NYC):
"On her new album "Drunk On You," Askew's tunes are highlighted by a soft piano-infused style that blends elements of pop and folk genres."

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When writing about myself I would always start by saying that I was 'originally from the North of England'… in fact that's not true but I grew up there from age 5 in Newcastle, famous for its coals and shipbuilding. The place was grimy, cold and hard but full of character and culture, with many theaters and concert venues and legendary clubs. Newcastle was frequented by the likes of Bob Dylan (Don't Look Back) and Jimi Hendrix (his manager Chas Chandler, bassist for the famed Newcastle Band The Animals was a true Geordie and my father was his headmaster!) I love the English movie Get Carter set in Newcastle and starring a young Michael Caine, it really reflects well a lot of what this once Roman Northern garrison town was about.

There was so much legendary live music when I was a teenager and by the time I was 14 years old I was playing and singing around town in a blues band with my brother Roger.

So I went to jazz college and took up the tenor saxophone along with playing the piano and singing. After a few years playing in London and listening to Sly Stone, Parliament Funkadelic and Quincy Jones, I knew I just wanted to be in America… so I came – because I got the chance! My chance was to tour the East Coast with Warner Bros. band Eye to Eye as their keyboard player/backing vocalist and after that tour fell apart I joined fellow Brit. Joe Jackson on a world tour for his Night and Day Record. That tour lasted a year and was a real high. We got to play with the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Grateful Dead and visit Australia and Japan. I was truly devoted to being in New York after that experience!

In 1984 I met and toured with performance artist Laurie Anderson playing keyboards and singing. She later went on to make a film and record of that tour called "Home of The Brave" You can find that film on DVD and it is beautifully put together with gorgeous color and innovative techniques for its time. Working with Laurie was an incredibly unique experience. She is an inspired artist, constantly changing and thinking. I played mini-moog bass with my left hand as well as prophet 5 and DX7 synthesizers and dressed up as a ballerina with a concertina. It was a lot of fun and her monologues were very inspirational! Also in the film are legendary guitarist Adrien Belew, drummer David Van Teigham and the Five Blind Boys From Alabama.

In the following years I appeared on some Joe Jackson records (Big World, Blaze of Glory, Laughter & Lust, Live) and started writing my own songs. A highlight during this time was playing with Jack Bruce from the legendary band Cream at Madison Square Garden. I didn't dare tell him that I'd actually been a member of his fan club at age 14!

In 1991 while playing on a Jules Shear record I met Nashville guitar player Steuart Smith who introduced me to singer songwriter Rodney Crowell. I toured with Rodney for 6 months playing keyboards and loving it and learned a lot about songwriting from the experience. On that tour I remember we seemed to keep crossing the Rocky Mountains… every night! Who did the routing? We did some great hikes. Also on the Jules Shear session was bassist Tony Levin who recommended me to Peter Gabriel for his tour of the record US. I was a huge fan of Peter's at this point so it was a great honor to play and sing with him. During the "Secret World" tour we played "Saturday Night Live" here in NYC and you can still catch reruns of that on cable TV from time to time.

Returning to New York after that tour, I settled into my own career as an artist and even though I had written songs for many years previously, this is where I feel I really began to find myself and explore my own expression. Tender City was released on BMG in 1996. This record has performances by Peter Gabriel, Larry Klein, Jerry Marrotta and Shane Fontayne, among others.

Three more self released solo albums followed, then I formed a duo with electronic jazz musician Takuya Nakamura named ECHO and our CD of the same name was released on the New Line Records label in 2002. This was a total departure from my other records as it is an electronic jazz downtempo record with a mixture of jazz standards and originals. The remixes by Rae & Christian and Jay-J played a lot on West Coast radio. Also during this time I was lucky enough to get a publishing deal with one of my former heroes in music Quincy Jones, who had the graciousness to come to New York's very own Arlene Grocery and hear me play live with my band. This may have been a common sight in LA but quite unusual for NY's Lower East Side!

In 2008 I released "The Pirate Of Eel Pie". This is an album of songs and was recorded and co-produced with legendary drummer Ricky Fataar in San Francisco. We've been friends since the late 80's when we both played on Pheobe Snow's album "Something Real".

I started writing songs for "Drunk On You" the following year. I was staying in a house with a wonderful sounding Steinway. The house was close to Hampstead Heath, my former stomping ground after college and the ideas kept coming! "Drunk On You" was recorded with my band in NYC and was mixed in Fishtown, Philadelphia by Brian McTear. A couple of tracks were also mixed by old friend Leanne Ungar, from Laurie Anderson days.

For the past 2 years I have been arranging and demo-ing new songs for a British Brass Band Project, working with some wonderful NY brass players and Grand Street Recording to realize the arrangements. Growing up in the North of England the sound of British Brass and the Colliery Pit bands (see the movie "Brassed Off!") is in my blood.

In June 2015 I was lucky enough to visit South Yorkshire England to record the renowned Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band on my song "Queen Victoria"! We are excited at the prospect of recording a whole album together and Joe Jackson has also come on board to sing the duet "Glass Bricks".

I have been an activist on behalf of farm animals since 2004. I volunteer to help bring awareness of farm animals in dire factory farms across America and to promote Veganism for ourselves, the animals and the planet. My song Poor Man's greed appears in the film "Peaceable Kingdom – The Journey Home" and several songs on "Drunk On You" reflect this volunteer work.

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Mammoth, shot by Anana Kaye


Queen Victoria from the upcoming British Brass Band project.


Joy's new video for Handmedowns.

Joy's version of Cream's I Feel Free

Joy covering Bob Dylan : The Times They Are a-Changin'

Official Video Clip : You Have To Think  

Official Video Clip : Drunk On You  

At Rockwood Music Hall at the CD Release show : I Broke The Law 

At Rockwood Music Hall : Walk Under Waterfalls


Historical - Peter Gabriel Secret World tour 1993
(Joy featured singing "Shaking The Tree")

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bandcamp button

Joy Askew - Drunk On You
(Mark Saunders Radio Mix)


Upcoming Shows:

Joy with The Sirens of Brooklyn at their Seventh Annual Winter Concert

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Plymouth Church
75 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

A Tribute to PJ Harvey
Guest Vocalists:
Elizabeth Ziman (Elizabeth & The Catapult)
Shannon Conley (Lez Zeppelin, Hedwig & The Angry Inch)
Jenna Nicholls
Kiyoshi Matsuyama (Rocket & The Ghost)
Jessi Robertson
Joy Askew
Sonya Kitchell

House Band:
Abby Ahmad
Mark Marshall
Adam Minkoff
Brittany Anjou
Sarah Goldstone
Yuval Lion

Friday, December 18, 2015
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
$15 in adv. $20 at the door.

Joy with The Sirens of Brooklyn at Paper Gardens Records Holiday Show

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Paper Gardens Records
Holiday Show at the Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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*In 1993 Joy Askew toured with Peter Gabriel playing keys and singing. A couple of years later, Peter sang on a track of her first CD “Tender City”. Joy sang in the choir featured on Sufjan Stevens’ 2010 release “All Delighted People”.

**Joy Sings Background vocals on Okkervil River’s latest release “I Am Very Far”. In 1984 Joy toured with Laurie Anderson playing keys and singing, then appeared in her movie “Home of the Brave”.


“In another life we were in clover,
In another life you said I was cool,
In another life I thought I was sober
but I was drunk on you.”

from 'Drunk On You'

“Dressed in black, against the night we’re taking back
Those who we know can be saved,
Oh, oh across the fields and away we go
Breaking the law’s the only way!”

from 'I Broke The Law'

“When I think about the old concert hall
He had been playing there just the night before
He was beautiful with his guitar
Green velvet and fringes”

from 'Walk Under Waterfalls'


Here is some fun footage by Stan Schnier from the taping of the cacophonous Hungry March Band for 'I Broke The Law', recorded at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, New York.


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"….she can bring her voice from the soaring arena-filling sound to a quiet more intimate vocal effortlessly. The production on the album is worthy of Peter Gabriel--well engineered. And the writing shines through... beautiful songs, originally told stories, each can take you away in a different direction.”

“I had heard her name as she'd been the touring keyboard player on Peter Gabriel's "Us" tour. After hearing this CD, I now know why it took 2 people to replace her: A French keyboard player and Paula Cole. She's not only a wonderful player and arranger, but a remarkable singer/songwriter.” (from a review of Askew’s 1st CD Tender City).

“An awesome vocalist and songwriter--Joy Askew is totally underexposed.”

“I purchased this record in my quest for most everything Peter Gabriel (he's here on (the track) I'm Still Looking For A Home). As expected, the entire album stands out with spectacular songs from start to finish. Beautiful vocals and fantastic writing. I don't often write reviews or rush to write them after a first listen, but I am doing so now. Thank you, Joy !!!!” (from a review of Askew’s 1st CD Tender City).

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